"Looking down at my blood-soaked clothes, I didn't know if it was the smoldering look in his eyes as he padded towards me, or the way his scent lingered on my skin, but I was coming unraveled. Wherever this journey was taking us, I needed to be with him. Tangled in his darkness, but finding myself."

Everyone deserves a love so powerful it sets them free from their darkness – right?

Olivia Harnett is an ordinary twenty-something restaurant manager living in the historic town of Esperanza Falls. She has spent her entire life feeling out of place. While everyone she knows is settling down, she is still seeking something more. Someone more.

Aiden Padilla-Ruiz is a breathtaking, rugged man who shows up at her restaurant, looking for a job – and something more. He has crossed continents in search of a 16th-century fortune that is owed to him, and will stop at nothing until it is found. Aiden thought he had escaped his dark past, but the sins of life follow him wherever he goes.

Olivia’s world is turned upside down after her parent’s death when she learns her life is not what it has seemed. She starts to unravel her family secret, putting herself and others in the cross-hairs of a highly-skilled team of assassins, whose arrows rarely miss. In the center of it all is Aiden. The harder she falls, the more she finds herself tangled in Aiden’s web of secrets, lies, murder, and destruction.