Have you ever stopped to consider how weird an “About Me” section is?

You essentially pick pieces of your life that you “feel” should be shared and hope that someone reading it finds it interesting. However, we are all so much more complex that these little tidbits about us.

I grew up in Cherry Valley, NY. A very small town where the people are just as nice as you see on the movies. These days, I live in North Carolina – in the same section of the state where Nicholas Sparks based many of his books. I refuse to embrace NASCAR, Sweet Tea or using the phrase “ya’ll” but I’m finding my way around some cool people and have managed to only lose it on ONE southerner thus far. Unfortunately, only Northerners can really understand this feeling.

I’m obsessed with serial killers, the human brain and cooking/ baking.

I also, unapologetically, swear a lot.

My craftiness knows no bounds. Be sure to follow me on Facebook or Pinterest to see what I’m up to!

My first novel, Unraveled, has been a work-in-progress for a few years. As any writer will tell you, sometimes getting the words out of your head and onto the paper is the real challenge. Along the way I found a pretty incredible muse – and now my fingers won’t shut up. The novels I write have a genre all their own. Perfectly crafted for readers who enjoy a sex scene so hot that it makes you need a shower, but who also seek real, relatable plot with a lot of adventure and splash of suspense and murder. 

It’s Adult Contemporary Romance meet National Treasure (and the like).

I’m also addicted to Mexican chocolate.